Supply Capacity: More Than 18000 Tons

Min Q'ty: 1ton

Country of Origin: China

Price Term: FOB, CIF, CNF, etc.

Lead Time: 3 days for ready stocks; 25-45days for new production

Payment terms: TT, LC

Delivery port: Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Ningbo, Guangzhou, etc.

Seamless Boiler Tubes

Boiler tubes are used in heat exchange appliances in which the energy is transferred from one medium to the other.


How to choose good quality boiler tubes?

While choosing boiler tubes, look for the following to pick out the right and good quality tubes:

  1. Look at the cross-section of the tube. A good quality seamless tube will have a smooth cross-section and will be devoid of bumps and irregularities.
  2. Check the density of the pipe to understand the percentage of impurities in the pipe. If the pipe shows low density, steer clear!
  3. Check the surface of the boiler tube. A good quality boiler tube will have a smooth surface. If you find the surface to be rough and uneven, you can be sure that the quality is not up to the mark.


Quality Assurance

We have capability and capacity to ensure boiler tube in superior condition, with advanced inspection and testing procedures, standard tests include dimensional examination, visual checking, chemical composition, mechanical properties as well as non destructive test 100% eddy current test.


Fire Tube Boiler

Fire-tube boiler is a type of boiler in which hot gas passes from the fire through one or more pipes that pass through a sealed water container. The heat of the gas is transferred through the wall of the tube through heat conduction, heating the water and eventually generating steam. Fire tube boilers are the third of the four historical types of boilers: low-pressure tank or “haystack” boilers, flue boilers with one or two large flues, fire tube boilers and high-pressure boilers with many small tubes


Water Tube Boiler

Water tube boiler is a type of boiler in which water circulates in tubes heated externally by the fire. The fuel is burned in the furnace to produce hot gas, which heats the water in the steam generation tube. In smaller boilers, the additional power generation tubes are separated in the furnace, while larger utility boilers rely on water injection tubes that make up the furnace wall to generate steam. High-pressure water tube boiler: The hot water then rises into the steam drum. Here, saturated steam is drawn away from the top of the drum


North Steel has an extensive range of boiler and stay tubes available to meet your boiler tube requirements no matter how demanding.

Seamless Boiler Tubes Standard Specifications


Chinese National Standards

GB 3087: Seamless steel tubes for low and medium pressure boiler

GB 5310: Seamless steel tube for high pressure boiler

GB 13296: Seamless steel tubes for boilers and heat exchangers

GB 6479: Seamless steel tubes for high-pressure chemical fertilizer equipment

GB 9948: Seamless steel tubes for petroleum cracking


American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASME SA-106: Standard Specification for Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe for High-Temperature Service

ASME SA-192M: Seamless Carbon Steel Boiler Tubes for High Pressure

ASME SA-209M: Seamless carbon-Molybdenum Alloy-Steel Boiler and Superheater Tubes

ASME SA-210M: Seamless Medium-carbon Steel Boiler and Superheater Tubes

ASME SA-213M: Seamless ferritic and austenitic alloy steel boiler, superheater and heat exchanger tubes


American Society for Testing and Materials



ASTM A213: Seamless ferritic and austenitic alloy steel boiler, superheater and heat exchanger tubes

ASTM A 106M: Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe for High-Temperature Service

ASTM A192M: Seamless Carbon Steel Boiler Tubes for High Pressure

ASTM A210M: Seamless Medium-carbon Steel Boiler and Superheater Tubes

ASTM A 335M: Seamless ferritic alloy-steel pipe for high-temperature service


Deutsche Industrie Normen

EN 10216-2 : Seamless steel tubes for pressure purposes

Deutsche Industrie Normen

DIN 17175:Seamless Tubes of Heat-resistant Steels – Technical Conditions of Delivery

Japanese Industrial Standards

JIS G3461: Carbon steel boiler and heat exchanger tubes

JIS G3462: Alloy steel boiler and heat exchanger tubes

JIS G3463: Stainless Steel for Boiler and Heat Exchanger Tubes


Steel Grade






Carbon steel 10
Economizer tube
Water wall tube
Mo steel 15MoG
SA-209 T1
SA-209 T1a
SA-209 T1b
Water wall tube
Superheater tube
Reheater tube
Cr-Mo Steel 12CrMoG
SA-213 T11 SA-213 T22
SA-213 T24 SA-213 T91
A335 P1  A335 P2
A335 P5  A335P9
A335 P11
10CrMo5-5, 13CrMo4-5
Superheater tube
Reheater tube
Cr-Mo-W steel 12Cr2MoWVTiB SA-213 T23 SA-214 T911
SA-213 T92 SA-213 T122
A335 P23 A335 P911
A335 P92 A335 P122
  — Superheater tube
Reheater tube
Austentic Stainless steel   — AP304  TP304H
TP321 TP321H
TP347 TP347H
TP316 TP316H
S30432 TP310HCbN
  — Superheater tube
Reheater tube


Seamless Boiler tubes are installed inside boiler to heat water in order to generate steam, boiler is a closed pressure vessel designed in varieties of types, water tube boiler and fire tube boiler are main types.

  • Welded boiler tubes can be supplied from stock to suit your needs
  • Hot finished boiler tubes can be supplied from new production
  • We can arrange cutting, deburring and testing
  • Boiler tubes can be swaged/bulged to suit your requirements
  • Shipping can be arranged worldwide
  • Stock lengths ranging from 10200-12250mm

Process flowchart

seamless boiler tubes

Seamless Boiler Tubes are processed by cold drawn, heat treated and pickling finishes, cleaning and smooth surface inside and outside should be made, quality tubes have the capacity of standing in high pressure and high temperature conditions. Seamless Boiler tubing is used in these industries:

  • Steam Boilers
  • Power Generation
  • Fossil Fuel Plants
  • Electric Power Plants
  • Industrial Processing Plants
  • Cogeneration Facilities
  • Boiler tubes need to withstand high pressure and temperature.

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