Carbon Steel Pipe With Internal Cement Mortar Lining

The fluid conveying steel pipe forms a cement coating on the inner wall of the steel pipe through a centrifuge or a pipeline spraying machine, which is mainly to extend the service life of the water supply pipeline, protect the water quality, and improve the water delivery capacity of the pipeline.

OD of  pipe: 159mm-2220mm

Material: Q235, Q345, L245, L290, L360, API 5L B, API 5L X 42, X46, X52, X56, X60

Advantages: High bearing capacity, good ductility, superior seismic performance

Anti-corrosion steel pipe is used for: municipal engineering: suitable for high-rise building water supply, heating network heating, tap water engineering, gas transportation, buried water transportation and other pipelines. Petroleum: Petroleum pipelines, process pipelines for transporting corrosive media in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, printing and dyeing industries.

Sewage treatment: sewage treatment discharge pipes, sewage pipes and anti-corrosion engineering of biological ponds Agriculture: agricultural irrigation pipes, deep well pipes, drainage pipes and other networks, corrosion resistance is better than steel structure, which is beneficial to the fire and fire resistance of steel pipes.