Large Diameter Seamless Steel Pipe

At present, China’s large-diameter seamless steel tubes mainly are hot-rolled, thermal-expanded, and hot-expanded seamless steel pipes. They are 325mm-1220mm in outside diameter and 120mm in thickness.In a very short period of time, the production of seamless pipes for steel thickening and non-standard special types of time, low cost, high production efficiency, the development trend of today’s international rolling field.

Application: Though the price of the large diameter seamless pipe is bit higher than the welded ones but the increasing ability and benefits are making it appropriate for any usage. In the array of commercial application of pipes, the importance of the seamless large pipes are increasing including pipelines oil rigs, building of ships, offshore rigs, machinery parts, pressure vessels, parts of machineries, equipment of oil field etc. Big OD seamless pipes dominates 65% of market share in Chinese boiler industry.

  1. Useful in Paper & Pulp Companies
  2. Useful in High Pressure Applications
  3. Useful in Oil and Gas Industry
  4. Useful in Chemical Refinery
  5. Useful in Pipeline
  6. Useful in High Temperature Application
  7. Useful in Water Pipe Line
  8. Useful in Nuclear Power Plants
  9. Useful in Food Processing and Dairy Industries
  10. Useful in Boiler & Heat Exchangers